Refereed Conference Papers

  1. Godai Azuma, Daisuke Kitakoshi, and Masato Suzuki,
    Stepwise Structure Learning Using Probabilistic Pruning for Bayesian Networks: Improving Efficiency and Comparing Characteristics.
    Information Science and Applications 2017 (ICISA 2017),
    Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 424 (2017), pp. 533–543.
    DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-4154-9_62.

Oral presentations

  1. 東 悟大,
    未来を担う若手研究者の集い 2019, Workshop on Optimization and its Applications (OPTA), Operations Research Society of Japan, 7-2, 2019.
  2. 東 悟大, 北越 大輔, and 鈴木 雅人,
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  3. Daisuke Kitakoshi, Godai Azuma, and Masato Suzuki,
    Improving Learning Speed in Stepwise Structure LearnIing Method for Bayesian Networks by using Probabilistic Pruning.
    IPSJ SIG Technical Report, 2016-ICS-182 (2), 2016, pp. 1–8.
  4. 東 悟大, 北越 大輔, and 鈴木 雅人,
    クラスタリングと確率的枝刈りを用いたベイジアンネットの段階的構造学習法 −確率的枝刈りの性能改善および特性評価−.
    計測自動制御学会 システム・情報部門 学術講演会 2015, SS4-1, 2015, pp. 666–671.


Framework for learning and reasoning Bayesian Networks, written in C++14.
OAuth1.0 client library in C++11, powered by BoostConnect.
Server/Client framework wrapping Boost.Asio (You should try to use cpp-netlib and Networking TS).
Window Changer
Utility software which associates keyboards with a unique window, and actives associated window when pressing keyboard. This is awarded a prize of "Director-General, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau" in 32th U-20 Programming Contest, Japan.


  1. 東 悟大,
    Master's Thesis, Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2020. .